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 “Our strategists and movers turbo-charge your business. Our target-oriented and powerful approach brings the HP of your sales in the premium segment to the streets with enthusiasm and expertise. In this, we take care of everything – from sales and after-sales to customer care. We see ourselves as a partner and inspirer for you and your staff in both classical and innovative sales solutions”.


Jan Schemuth, Managing Director rpc

A joint venture by BMW Group and h&z

Selected clients and brands


Branch: automobile manufacturer

Employees: approx. 122,000 

Turnover: 92.2 billion EUR


Branch: automobile manufacturer

Deliveries >300,000 units p. a.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Branch: automobile manufacturer

Deliveries > 4,000 units p. a.

BMW motorcycle

Branch: vehicle manufacturer

Deliveries >123,000 units p. a.

Claas KGaA mbH

Branch: agricultural technology

Employees: approx. 11,400 

Turnover: 3.82 billion EUR

Novus Dahle GmbH & Co. KG

Branch: fastening & office technology

Employees: approx. 1,200 

Turnover: approx. 135 million EUR

B. Braun AG

Branch: pharmaceutical products

Employees: approx. 54,000 

Turnover: 6.13 billion EUR

Harman/Kardon by Harman

Branch: electronics manufacturers

Employees: approx. 24,200 

Turnover: approx. 5.35 billion USD

Bowers & Wilkins

Branch: entertainment electronics

Turnover: approx. 124 Mio. GBP

Harman Becker 

Branch: automobile supplier

Employees: approx. 2,000 

Turnover: 1.38 billion EUR


Branch: vehicle fleet management

Vehicles: approx. 555,000 p.a.

DAF trucks

Branch: heavy-duty commercial vehicles

Delivery: approx. 43,200 trucks



Branch: banking, finance

Employees: approx. 52,103

Turnover: approx. 1.9 billion EUR

Aesculap (branch of B. Braun)

Branch: medical technology

Employees: approx. 54,000

Turnover: approx. 1.50 billion EUR


Branch: food

Employees: approx. 339,000 

Turnover: 4.25 billion CHF

Mercury Marine

Branch: Nautical Industry

Employees: approx. 13,000

Turnover: 4.1 billion USD

Deutsche Telekom

Branch: telecommunications

Employees: 225.243

Turnover: 69,2 billion EUR

Retail Trends

Customer Journey

Main characteristic of today`s customer journeys is their symbiotic relation between the customer and the company. Fueled by digitalization and its trends a fitting strategy and its consequent execution is required. Customers increasingly integrate digital media and devices in their daily life. Additionally the variety in customer behavior and expectation is further increasing. As a result the entire value chain has to be oriented towards customer needs essentially. The customer dialogue with multiple entry and exit points along a multichannel sales structure shows that the sales funnel has changed to a never ending sales loop. 

rpc has developed a 360° approach in order to leverage the spectrum of the strategic potential of customer journeys. Herein we master the interplay of continuously engaging and developing customer interactions, orchestrate the physical and digital touchpoints with the corresponding product / service mix. rpc helps you to activate different levers in order to ensure consistent customer perception along the customer journey steps: optimized, state-of-the-art physical and digital sales & service touchpoints, the power of individualized offers driven by standardized customer data management and analytics.

Omnichannel management

There is no doubt that the digital and physical worlds are merging – including in retail. Companies communicate through almost every channel simultaneously: retail on the ground, online shops, websites, social media, direct marketing, events and the list goes on. The challenge lies in networking all of these communication channels and creating a uniform shopping experience and a consistent brand image for the customers– but without spreading yourself too thin.

rpc can help you to shape your company so that it is experienced consistently across all these channels. We bring a comprehensive understanding of customers’ wishes as well as knowledge of the various sales channels along with the systems and processes that lie behind them. We can develop strategic procedures and behavior for you in marketing/CRM, sales and service and assist you when you put them into practice in the different channels.

Big Data

We have never known so much about our customers – yet we understand them so little. Customer data is collected and analyzed in vast quantities. One of the things this enables is to canvas Internet users according to their personal interests. Many businesses collect this data but don’t really know how to go about using it. But if understood correctly, Big Data management is an unparalleled instrument with which to reach customers effectively. 

At rpc we can help you to collect relevant customer data and understand it using the right analyses. We can then use these findings for things like designing and implementing CRM activities, as well as activities in bricks-and-mortar retail.


The terms ‘regional/local’ assume a new importance in an increasingly globalized world. This is something companies are responding to by choosing their locations and adapting their product and service mixes to local needs. The age of compromising on global products is over. A local consciousness makes a supplier more attractive to its customers in both practical and emotional terms, and therefore increases turnover.

At rpc we can assist you in understanding local requirements better and directing your business accordingly. By employing our global network of specialists in the various markets, we can convey the necessary knowledge and build up the expertise you need using our modular concepts. This process is supported by analyzing your locations, your target group, and the formats most appropriate for you. 

KPI management

If you can measure it will get done – so goes the old business adage. But it can be extremely difficult to aim at a central sales target when we need to accommodate such vast quantities of data, complex sales structures and formats, and – at the end of the chain – personalized customer experiences. For many of today’s companies, even producing a report that provides an overall picture of sales based on key figures can be a tall order, both technically and in terms of manpower. That is to say nothing of integrating all of our various historically evolved IT systems.

rpc will help you to define objectives in your management team and describe them in terms of key figures. We will also be by your side when you implement this in your company, as you build up consistent, logical systems of benchmarks, define management indicators, and set up pragmatic reporting structures. All of that belongs to our understanding of a true retail performance solution.


Flexibility makes learning easier. Staff can extend their knowledge using e-Learning whenever and wherever they want. But e-Learning programs have to achieve more than that. They have to help companies train their global workforces to consistent quality standards almost simultaneously, and at the same time save money. If the content is varied and personalized, then employees will enjoy self-paced learning and there will be a demand for new learning and new content. Being fully digital, e-Learning can be adapted easily to different markets and targets groups.

At rpc we develop e-Learning that motivates and captivates your staff. These learning tools offer a fresh, app-like design. The courses are also technically at the cutting edge, flexible in content, and modular. Our services range from conceptualization, to producing all the digital content, to drawing up training documents.

Change management

The world is constantly changing – and it always has been. Markets, lifestyles, and the world of work are in flux and so too are companies and their strategies, structures, processes, systems, and behavior. Customers’ needs and requirements also change with new trends. As the direct point of contact with customers, sales departments are often the first to notice this and convey it to the company. Staff always need to be ‘brought on board’ with this process, and the way in which that is done also changes over time.

rpc can assist you in bringing change to your company with sensitivity. Our coaching and training approach integrates your management and staff into the change process and turns them into committed intercultural, interdisciplinary, and international co-shapers.


The digital world has caught up with us, but the reverse is not always true. Many companies struggle to utilize the benefits of digitalization. They sometimes lack digital understanding internally, and fail to implement things consistently. Far-reaching change is often needed in a company if it is to keep pace with developments.

At rpc we can help bring your offline and online worlds together and establish new digital trends in your company. This begins with a readiness check of every business-relevant aspect such as organization, leadership, and communication; it then covers the identification of digital opportunities and the development and implementation of suitable methods and measures in sales; and it concludes with the training and coaching of your staff and executives.

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Sales delivers the strongest proof of success. It requires strategic vision and operative strength. That is the powerful consulting duo which sets us apart.




Our coaching is characterized by an approach which is networked and firmly rooted across every corporate department and hierarchy. We are a catalyzer for lasting change – among individuals and teams.




Reaching the top and staying there requires training. We know how – from training strategies, to the development of training courses, to their execution. We also offer full-service event management for product launches – internationally.






To us, HR is more than just recruiting and training the right employees. Working as your partner we will help you to design and implement all of your HR services. 

rpc Management


Christian Feilmeier:


"Our name says it all. By paving the way for our clients and accompanying them on their journey, we are able to measure ourselves by the speed they reach together with rpc."


Christian Feilmeier is the managing director of The Retail Performance Company. He is responsible for the markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China, and North America. After finishing his business degree and taking part in the BMW Group's junior talent program, Mr. Feilmeier held various roles in the financial division of the BMW Group, including serving as the head of investor relations. As CFO of the BMW Group Canada, he joined the sales division in 2007 before focusing entirely on retail as the head of retail performance consulting at the BMW Group as of 2011.

Jan Schemuth:


"We make sales stronger with every service and product we offer. Working at the point of interface to the customer is something that fascinates me each and every day. With our extensive, in-depth sales expertise, we can all move mountains at rpc – for the company and its clients."


Jan Schemuth has served as the managing director and chief financial officer of The Retail Performance Company since January 1, 2015. He is responsible for new client accounts and markets, business development, and operative business management. Mr. Schemuth has extensive consulting experience and held numerous leadership positions at BMW before joining rpc. After training in the banking industry and completing a business degree at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, he worked for the international management consulting company A.T. Kearney. He also founded and served as the head of the consulting division for the relationship management specialists Pepper Technologies. Mr. Schemuth has held various management roles since joining BMW in 2003, including that of sales manager for BMW M Asia, head of international market development, and head of new vehicle processes. His most recent responsibilities included heading retail performance steering for all international BMW markets.

Erik Bellendir:


"rpc's successful growth equals considerable opportunities for our clients, too. Our broad, network-based mindset and approach across all sales channels, topics and countries gives us the ability to significantly build on your strengths in sales."


Erik Bellendir is a Partner at The Retail Performance Company. He leads the coaching division and is the contact for the markets of Belgium, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. His experience in sales stems from positions as a consultant in the advertising industry and as the group marketing and customer relationship manager for BMW in Australia. Mr. Bellendir's most recent experience was serving as a consulting and coaching specialist at BMW for increasing performance at the global sales organization. He also holds a master's degree in Marketing.

Michael Erz:


„rpc is shaping the retail of the future. With our international footprint and our end-to-end performance portfolio from strategy to PoS implementation, we offer our customers optimal solutions for setting standards in sales.“


Michael Erz is a partner at The Retail Performance Company and is responsible for the Consulting division. He has been working for rpc since the end of 2013 and played a key role in establishing the Consulting Service Line and Business Technology Line. His specialties include complex solutions at the customer interface and in multi-channel CRM processes as well as implementation and international product launches. Michael Erz supports companies in their sales strategy, dealer development and in the design and optimization of business models. Before joining rpc, Michael Erz held a number of management roles in his capacity as corporate consultant, providing consultation services for the automotive industry as well as companies operating in the fields of healthcare and consumer goods. Michael Erz studied business, economics and sociology at the University of Trier.

Christoph Kunz:


"Our goal is to convey knowledge and abilities in such a way that they can then be independently applied in day-to-day sales activities. That strengthens rpc as a full-service agency for sales. To make that happen, we use the latest instructional methods and continuously invest in our employees. They are the key to our success."


As a Partner at The Retail Performance Company, Christoph Kunz is responsible for all sales support training programs from initial design to realization. That includes the market introduction of new products and services, including full-service support for event management. Mr. Kunz is also responsible for the markets of Italy and Spain. His professional career prior to joining rpc included heading both the automotive as well as sales and growth divisions at h&z. He has been working with sales strategies and their implementation for over 18 years, including in management consulting at BMW and Oracle. Mr. Kunz studied Business Administration in Munich, London, and Milan.

























The market is becoming increasingly dynamic on account of higher, more differentiated customer expectations – and this is changing the landscape of sales. By founding rpc we have succeeded in setting up a specialist operation which can help us keep up to date in sales and to use the opportunities of digitalization. rpc also works in a networked and cross-industry way, which adds value to what it does.”


Dr. Rainer Feurer, Senior Vice President Sales Development and Customer Relations, BMW Group.